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logistics document flow automation

Read data from documents directly with our deep learning algorithm. Shorten lead times, errors and the manual effort of expensive employees.

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Supplai their logistics document flow algorithm

Employees in the office or outside read different types of texts all day long. They then have to process this somewhere, often an ERP system. A waste of their time! Our customer thought so too. Each year they received around 80,000 PDFs and emails containing booking confirmations, departure, delay and arrival messages. These are now completely automated by our deep learning algorithm that processes all e-mails in real time and offers them to the customer’s ERP system.
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build it yourself

As a logistics service provider you have many providers. Many of these providers are also not the same all the time and therefore 40 or 50 EDI connections are not desirable. Flexibility is what counts! Our deep learning algorithm is trained to read documents from all these different service providers. PDF but even emails. Determine yourself which fields you want to remove and we offer it to your ERP system via an API.

24/7 365

always up to date

A delayed boat or train? You don't want your truck schedule to depend on colleagues to keep the system up to date. Our algorithm works 24/7 - 365.

grows with you


You have seasonal peaks, you are growing or something happens in the market that suddenly increases demand. Just how much capacity do you leave unused in times of less demand? Our algorithm does not matter whether you process 5000 or 8000 documents in a month! This allows you to focus on bringing in extra business and still maintain your high-quality service!


all sorts of documents

Each document has a different structure. Booking, departure, delay and arrival notifications and in the email itself or PDF. All these different structures can be treated through deep learning artificial intelligence. That reduces dependence on your supplier and increases your own flexibility.
deeplearning OCR logistic documents

work smarter

administration costs a lot (time)

Staying up to date with the large (changing) flow of data is a challenge. It requires a lot of quality people and can make or break your service. So it not only costs you time but also service, money, business and perhaps even limits you to grow. So start your digital AI revolution today!
save 5-10 times the cost in 5 years
reduce "human error"
more insight into your processes and data
24/7, 365 per year
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faster then employees

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