Crane OCR solution powered by AI to thoroughly automate and improve your operations

supplai’s AI-powered Crane OCR solution is a cutting-edge technology that improves terminal lifting operations in both marine and landside infrastructure. The appropriate operation of cranes is critical to the improvement of facility operations and maintenance. By removing blind areas during container lift operations, our AI-based Crane OCR solution increases productivity whilst also improving safety. With our AI-based Crane OCR technology, you can identify container codes as well as speed up gate processes.

Crane OCR solution for accurate container code recognition and damage detection

supplai’s AI-powered Crane OCR solution analyzes and records container numbers in real time at arrival, throughout operations, and at drop-off. Our cutting-edge STS and mobile Crane OCR solution with Deep Learning AI algorithms can be used to automatically identify container numbers. We can also detect IMDG labels and GEVI/UN. All events can be watched back in video. Due to the use of cutting edge AI deep learning only 1 camera is enough for Crane OCR. More camera’s can be added for full 365 damage detection. This boosts productivity while effectively reducing expenditure. Our AI-powered Crane OCR solution enables users automate the following tasks:

  • Container code & identification
  • Damage inspection
  • Access control for staff
  • Container classification based on ADR labels
  • Detection of shapes and objects
Container code recognition

Our systems are fitted with the most cutting edge AI models that are a revolution compared to the old traditional photo stitching Crane OCR Solutions. Our Crane OCR Solution ensures a much higher accuracy, as high as 100%. Our AI-based Crane OCR Solutions scan each salient point of every  container and records every single bit of information in real time. Our AI-based Crane OCR Solution can also perform a damage analysis on all inbound as well as outbound container, thus minimizing hazardous situations on sites. 

scalable and modular

Our AI-based Crane OCR solution, which can be used in terminals of various sizes, is flexible and scalable. Our AI-based Crane OCR solution improves functionality due to its modularity. We typically only  need 1 camera to let our solution function. Our AI-powered Crane OCR solution uses Deep-Learning algorithms that have been programmed to analyze even the most diminutive and obscure fonts and images on containers and assets. Our AI-based Crane OCR solution guarantees transparency during the completion of its course by providing swift and concise data in an efficient, effective, and simple manner on our online cloud platform. Spot a mistake? make a correction and the next time the AI model has learned and will improve. Effort in, effort out! 


  • Our AI-based Crane OCR solution features OCR cameras for the automatic optical analysis of assets and equipment. It is  able to recognize low-contrast, stenciled and inconsistently written codes or identification numbers.
  • AI-based Deep-Learning algorithms to improve operations and predict future patterns based on real-time data.
  • Flexible software that integrates seamlessly with various ERP and TOS systems. This ensures easy and transparent digital interchange retrieval from various angles and metadata analytics.
  • Our AI-based Crane OCR solution is equipped with a ‘plug-and-play’ feature which is easy to set up and works perfectly when first connected, without much modification or reconfiguration. However, our AI-based Crane OCR  solution can be fully reconfigured to suit your needs, due to its scalability and flexibility.


  • supplai’s AI-based Crane OCR solution is reliable, flexible and fully convenient. Unlike other models that are based in Machine Learning, our AI-based Crane OCR solutions are based on Deep-Learning algorithms which improve over a given period of time. 
  • Our AI-based Crane OCR solution reduces the need for excessive manpower during operations. This enhances safety during operations, as well as reduces the cost of manual labor. Our solutions require much less hardware investment than traditional solutions.
  • Our AI-based Crane OCR solution shortens lead times and improves throughput by automatically identifying containers, cargo, assets, and equipment. This enhances the speed of gate, terminal and yard operations and enhances ROI.
  • Our AI-based Crane OCR solution can be used to automate your terminal, gate, vessel, and yard operations.
  • Our AI-based Crane OCR solution is updated frequently to combat software vulnerabilities and improve existing functionality.
  • By detecting the specific primary and subsidiary hazards posed by the materials in a dangerous goods package, supplai’s AI-based Freight Container Number Recognition technology reduces the risk of accidents and dangerous situations

improve ROI significantly

Our AI-based Crane OCR solution offers seamless integration with a host of IT systems and improves the ROI time significantly without slowing down any operational processes. Our AI-based Crane OCR solution can be fitted on Telescopic cranes, STS cranes Mobile cranes, Truck-mounted cranes, Tower cranes, Rough Terrain cranes, Overhead cranes, Loader cranes.

Boost operational performances

cutting-edge platform

Our AI-based Crane OCR solution also features an ultra-modern and highly intuitive platform to enhance transparency and maximize efficiency. 

The platform features a client-oriented user interface which is easy to use, and fully customizable to suit all your supply chain needs. With our platform, you can easily access well-structured reports in real-time. Our platform collects high-quality images/video and stores data in larger quantities to enable easy playback.

Re-enforced learning

Our AI-based Crane OCR Platform features Re-enforced learning algorithms to maximize performance and enhance throughput over a given period of time. Our AI-based Crane OCR Platform provides advanced analytics and data in real time to reduce errors and minimize congestion. Receive prompt notifications and stay ahead of the curve with our AI-based Crane OCR Platform. Whenever there are new developments, our Crane OCR Platform sends a notification to users with clear and concise information. 

Our AI-based Crane OCR Platform is available for mobile and tablet devices, and is also compatible with various operating systems. 

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