AI-based products to fully automate all your operational processes.

At supplai, we develop the latest generation of applied AI products for companies. Our products open up a spectrum of new possibilities for our clients. Are you ready for this digital revolution?  

AI-based products to fully automate your operational processes.

applied Artificial Intelligence

Listening to the client’s needs and wishes is our top priority. We safeguard the correct implementation of digital processes and make sure that value is added to the most important features. Our products are built to support this vision, and they are fully modular, easily integrated into existing systems, and live safely in the cloud.

computer vision

Gate OCR
gate OCR solutions

Automate and accelerate terminal and depot entrance gates. Check container numbers and hazard labels using our Deep learning OCR Object Detection.

Rail OCR automation
rail OCR automation

Our AI-based Rail OCR Automation Technology guarantees full automation of all rail terminal and depot operational processes to boost productivity.​

traffic monitoring solutions

Use our model with a camera or drone to analyse complex traffic situations with computer vision.

parking lot occupancy

Automatically detect and categorize various vehicles and objects using supplai’s AI algorithm.

other AI-based solutions by supplai
other AI-based products

We also offer the following solutions to enhance your operational flow:

  • AI-based parking occupancy
  • AI-based traffic monitor

Document Automation

Document Automation
shipping email analysis (SEA)

Our AI-based Shipping Email Analysis tool helps you automate and send transactional emails to your clients, and track comprehensive data in real-time to boost customer experience.

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