object detection

gate automation with AI OCR

Automate and accelerate the gate process. Check the container number and all hazard labels with additional deep learning object detection.

monitor and record every movement on the terminal with OCR

Deep learning artificial intelligence technology from supplai has improved on conventional machine learning OCR software. It improves quality and provides greater flexibility in what can be analyzed.
Our OCR software at the entrance gate of your terminal, gate or depot ensures that you don’t miss anything. It is becoming increasingly important to register more for container terminals, rail terminals, depots, ro-ro terminals and intermodal terminals. Supplai its AI deep learning container recognition OCR technology is able to recognize ISO code, GEVI, UN, ADR labels and even damage outside container numbers.

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with utmost precision

Our terminal or gate OCR camera portal enables fast and accurate container recognition and container number identification. It also detects various objects on containers at the gate. Do you have a customer specific wish, no problem! Let us know


downtime costs a fortune

With huge volumes on the terminal, it is difficult to see everything. Photos can often be retrieved afterwards. All very time consuming.
In our opinion, prevention is better than cure and that happens at the gate! We will create your real-time digital interchange.

Our OCR camera portal can also do a damage analysis at the gate, besides photos. This will also prevent many interchange discussions and possibly unsafe situations on the road later.

We can also deploy our container number recogntition model on reachstackers, straddle carriers, terminal tractors, RTG crane, empty handlers. We can also place camera's next to railway tracks to recognize and identify UIC and container numbers on rail tank cars (RTC), flat wagons, hopper wagons or box wagons
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license plate registration

In addition to container number, hazard label and damage AI algorithms, Supplai also supplies license plate registration cameras in order to be able to offer a complete package. Automate your entire gate process in this way.


ERP integration and cloud dashboard

You want to use OCR output of detections at the gate on the terminal or depot in different ways. Supplai offers integration to gate / ERP / TMS and TOS systems, but also its own cloud dashboard in which output can be retrieved quickly and easily.
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new insights

the sky is the limit

What makes supplai different? We are a total supplier of AI and RPA solutions. The market is developing rapidly and it is important to have a partner who can bridge the gap between this innovative technology and the possibilities for your company. This allows us to work together on new innovative ideas based on the needs of your company. Both at the office and at the terminal or depot.
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