Automated Container Terminal technology by supplai

Container Terminal Technology based in AI to fully automate and enhance your gate entry processes.

Supplai’s Container Terminal model enables fast and accurate container recognition as well as container number identification. Our Container Terminal AI technology situated at the entrance or exit gate of your Container terminal, depot, cleaning station or bulk terminal help automate your gate entry process to the very minute detail to ensure that you don’t miss a single container number.

detect and read every written text or image

With unparalleled speed and accuracy, our Container Terminal solution based in AI boasts of the ability to scan all types of labels and documents placed on a container. Our cutting-edge AI based Optical Character Recognition software is able to automatically scan, read, detect, inspect, and analyze:

  • Container numbers
  • ISO Codes
  • GEVI, UN
  • ADR labels
  • GEVI and ADR matching system
  • Trailer numbers and identification labels
  • License plates and more codes.
Gate OCR

Our systems are fitted with the most cutting edge AI models that are a revolution compared to the old traditional photo stitching Container Terminal solutions. Our AI object detection models and AI-based OCR ensures a much higher Container Terminal accuracy, as high as 100%. Our Container Terminal systems scan each salient point of every incoming and outgoing vehicle and container and record every single bit of information in real time. Our Container Terminal system can also perform a damage analysis on all inbound as well as outbound container and wagon, thus minimizing hazardous situations on the road. 

complete automation to enhance efficiency
gate ocr

Additionally, we provide license plate cameras to ensure total automation of your gate entry process. Our Container Terminal software – which is continually updated with data by reinforced learning from all our global systems – has been deployed in a number of bulk & container terminals, depots, cleaning stations and railways around the world. This contributes to our budding reputation for delivering high quality in a sustainable and scalable manner by implementing software based solutions instead of hardware. AI and Deep Learning provide many extra expansion possibilities.

Supplai’s Container Terminal software which offers full integration with various gate, ERP and TOS systems also features its own cloud dashboard. This ensures easy transparent digital interchange retrieval from various angles and metadata analytics.

  • Supplai’s AI-based object detection and AI-based OCR technology are fully up to current technical innovative standards and they deliver higher accuracy compared to traditional Container Terminal systems. 
  • Our AI-based Container Terminal models are fully equipped with high-end portal cameras with state-of-the-art illumination to improve quality and enhance analytical flexibility.
  • Supplai’s AI-based OCR systems are continually updated to guarantee maximized integration with various gate, ERP and TOS systems for a streamlined execution of all container and wagon operation service.
  • Fully deployable on a wide array of vehicles ranging from reachstackers to RTG cranes, Rail track connections to meet all your supply chain demands
  • Supports multiple types of containers ranging from Dry Storage containers to ISO tanks and everything in between.
  • Attributed with the ability to predict damages to reduce the possibility of hazardous situations
  • Adaptation to all climate and ambient conditions to enhance security
  • Our AI-based Container Terminal technology scans every container, truck and wagon automatically and provides real-time data interchange.
  • License plate registration cameras to offer you the complete package. You never have to worry about missing any little detail.
  • Supplai’s AI-based Container Terminal system is easy to set-up, reliable, flexible and fully convenient. Our AI-based Freight Container Recognition models are rooted in Deep Learning unlike other models which are rooted in much older technology such as photo-stitching. Our solutions require much less hardware investment than traditional gate systems.
  • Our AI-based Container Terminal Technology guarantees full automation of all rail terminal and depot operational processes.
  • Our AI-based Container Terminal Technology improves the level of security and minimizes the risk of hazardous situations. Our Container Terminal Technology automatically matches ADR labels with UN/GEVI numbers. By detecting the specific primary and subsidiary hazards posed by the materials in a dangerous goods package, Supplai’s AI-based Container Terminal Technology reduces the risk of accidents and dangerous situations.
  • Enhances the management of all container terminal and depot operations
  • Significantly improves the ROI time compared to traditional Container Terminal systems
  • Supplai’s AI-based Container Terminal technology captures higher quality images/video and stores data in larger volumes compared to traditional OCR models.
  • Supplai’s AI-basedContainer Terminal models are able to accommodate every specific need which may arise before, during or after operations. Our OCR systems are based in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and algorithms. This makes it possible for our systems to adjust to each client’s specific needs.
  • Our AI-based Container Terminal portal cameras can be deployed on various types of roads ranging from heavy traffic roads to light traffic roads and winding roads as well as interstates, quayside and other arterials. 
  • Fully automate and audit your Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines with our AI-based Container Terminal systems. Our AI-based Container Terminal system provides a well-organized report in real time.
  • We understand and value the importance of time. Our AI-based Container Terminal models feature an automatic plug and play configuration technology. This cuts down the cost of excessive man-power, reduces waiting time and speeds up every operational process. 
  • Our AI-based Container Terminal technology eradicates congestion and bottlenecks as traffic volume increases. 
  • Supplai’s Container Terminal system uses very little power to run and is therefore significantly more dependable.

Our AI-based Container Terminal Recognition solutions can be deployed at various Container Terminals and depots, Container Cleaning Stations, Filling stations & fuel dispensers, bulk terminals, as well other supply chain infrastructure. supplai’s AI-based Container Terminal Recognition technology can be easily deployable on CNR model on reachstackers, straddle carriers, terminal tractors, RTG cranes & empty handlers. Our AI-based Container Terminal Recognition system can be handled by terminal employees, cargo vehicle chauffeurs, Straddle drivers, terminal operators & managers, logisticians, dispatchers, wagon technicians, Quality Assurance Auditors etc.

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