Artificial intelligence industry solutions

  • Algorithms always do the same thing. This ensures that human error is eliminated and ensures full complicance according to the latest rules, regardless of industry.
  • Algorithms ensure that data is more transparent and repetitive tasks are taken off your hands. This gives employees the opportunity to focus more on making the right decision.
  • Access all data. Data that is normally not or insufficiently included. So now make decisions with the right analysis!
  • Supplai's algorithms cut costs by reducing the time employees spend on repetitive tasks. These savings are estimated to be between three and ten times the cost of an implementation for AI
  • Algorithms work 24/7 and 365 days a year. No breaks or fatigue and at unprecedented speed. Companies can therefore outsource an enormous amount of data or tasks to algorithms. This ensures that employees work more efficiently and can use their skills for strategic matters
Customer experience
  • Algorithms ensure that customers provide a more personalized experience designed for each individual. This is because an algorithm has all the data of all customers directly at its disposal.


With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can focus on the real exceptions in your supply chain. Our algorithms help to identify improvements in various logistics processes. Get more insight into all facets of the supply chain and get predictions or recommendations that enable more accurate decisions.

logistiek warehouse
productie bedrijf AI

Manufacturing industry and process industry

Whether you are a small or huge production company, every factory can take huge steps in reliability, accuracy and safety through AI! Narrow down your inventory management, warehouse management or your delivery reliability.

Financiele accountant en artificial intelligence


AI performs tasks previously performed manually by accountants or bookkeepers. This includes data entry, verifications, taxes, payroll, audits and banking. A step further are analyzes, forecasts or decisions of financial forecasts, cash flow, debtor policy, which are fully automated using AI-based technologies. Furthermore, AI is increasingly being used to improve the customer experience with both financial service providers and accountants.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

"Man cannot understand his own brain." "The computer often knows us better than we do ourselves." Quotes that can be read on many websites. Assessing data is not objective and quantitative, but often an assessment between life and death. The data is available in enormous quantities and for this reason AI is increasingly used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. It ensures that decisions are made faster, but above all better and more accurately.

gezondheidszorg en farmaceutische industrie met AI
Retail en groothandel met AI
Retail and wholesale

The physical and online world is increasingly intertwined. Wishes and needs are no longer always visible. Use AI to see and respond to trends through online search behavior. Keep track of your online reputation, follow social media. Use chatbots. Just a few examples of why AI gives an (online) retailer or wholesaler more turnover, profit or better consumer experience.

Agriculture, food or feed producers

For example, artificial intelligence in the agricultural sector, greenhouse, livestock or food industry can be used to monitor and improve quality. Suggestions can be given, for example, to improve the quality, prevent diseases, identify weeds and use watering more efficiently. One of the possibilities in this area is to gain insight by means of image recognition. Flying over crops with drones can provide real-time insight into the state of agriculture. Agricultural robots and intelligent systems can then be used to trade automatically to achieve the greatest efficiency.

Landbouw, voedsel, feed met AI
Bouw en kunstmatige intelligentie

With 7% of all working people in the world, construction is a huge industry. However, digitization and AI are less likely to start than in other industries. You only see that companies that dare to invest achieve enormous advantages over their competition. Examples of AI in construction are: predicting maintenance, detecting damage, predicting safety risks, exceeding budget and deadlines and project planning. It is also becoming increasingly important in construction to make analyzes and predictions about energy consumption, environmental pollution or CO2 emissions.

Government and municipalities

Municipalities and the government can also use AI. Think of cameras that see a boat arriving and can open the bridge. Nightlife cameras that can measure atmosphere. Maintenance through smart detection on streets and sidewalks or improve customer experience with a chatbot that answers questions from residents quickly.

Overheid met kunstmatige intelligentie

Artificial Intelligence branche oplossingenBekijk onze Artificial Intelligence branche oplossingen in oa logisiek, productie, zorg en financiele industrie en zie wat AI voor je bedrijf kan betekenen!