The link between Business en AI

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The Rotterdam company Supplai is focused on implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for companies that make processes more efficient and effective. These algorithms have the power to read, analyze, predict and decide. In doing so, we take over repetitive tasks from people, which increases the quality of the work and frees up time for strategic and challenging tasks. This helps organizations make their employees flourish for the company.


The link between business en AI

With both the work experience in logistics and chemistry as well as the extensive experience in AI, we understand exactly what is important for service companies. This makes us the sparring partner to improve your processes with the help of this new technology.

This way you stay ahead of the competition!

Our mission

Develop and implement artificial intelligence algorithms for companies to help make processes more efficient and effective.


See opportunities everywhere, how can things be better and / or different? A question we ask ourselves everywhere and constantly.

Added value

How do we ensure that our solutions help companies move forward? The Netherlands is a country with a lot of exports, so we have to stay ahead of competition in other countries.


You don't spend as much time anywhere as at work. The business is important, but so is a casual atmosphere! From relaxation comes the best ideas and there is room for creativity.


We are proud of what we make! It is new technology. Innovative, changing and innovative.

Ons Team


Chief Technical Officer


Chief Executive Officer
“De zorg en aandacht voor detail die door het hele team van supplai wordt betaald, is echt ongeëvenaard. Het is voor mij geen verrassing dat ze samenwerken met enkele van de marktleiders en wereldwijd toptalent aantrekken ”
Sara de Vos

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