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Consider the following process: an employee does a number of simple things during a process. He is looking for a field, a file or specific data. No thinking, simple clicks. Mimicking such non-intelligent repetitive work is called robotic process automation (RPA). Subsequently, this employee does something that we humans are good at, whereby we have to use our brains. For example, we see damage, read a document or predict that a large order will arrive. We can now better and better simulate the intelligent actions that the employee performed during this process with AI. The output that we generate during these actions is stored via a simple action. So this action can be picked up with RPA. This way, we can automate a complete process through the combination of RPA and AI!
AI-based products to fully automate your operational processes.



Interpret documents automatically and immediately extract important data. Relieve yourself of the manual processing of data in your systems.



Automate human visual inspections and increase your efficiency and quality. Analyze objects through photos or videos and gain insight into the physical properties of your assets.
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Being immediately ready for customers, boost their involvement and provide better service. Use AI to speak to your customers directly and know what your customer wants before you talk to them.



Gain new insights into your data by leveraging the power of AI. Make data work for you instead of working for your data!
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Make accurate predictions based on your data. Our algorithms are able to find patterns in numerical data and make amazing predictions!



Data-driven decision making. In other words, making the best possible decision based on data. We help you to always make the decisive decision.


We provide and implement AI solutions for a range of businesses in the following industries:

  • Logistics & transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Process industry
  • Finance¬†
  • Healthcare
  • Process Industry
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Construction

Our solutions can be deployed at Ports & Terminals, Intermodal yards, Distribution centers, railway infrastructures, production plants, agricultural infrastructures, banks and financial infrastructures, clinics & hospitals, warehouses, construction sites etc. 

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