we’re supplai, the link between your business and Artificial Intelligence.

We develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflow and business processes. Our high-end, state-of-the-art solutions enable us to relieve employees of repetitive activities. This improves work performance and frees up time for more strategic and demanding tasks, thus helping employees thrive in what they do, all for the sake of the business.

our focus lies on Automation

Our AI-based software provides value-added automatic solutions for a host of industries ranging from Logistics to Process Industry, as well as construction and healthcare etc. Our AI based solutions improve the reliability and accuracy of all business operations. By guaranteeing available solutions and ensuring the optimal performance of our products, we aim to become the Market Leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI). We understand the principality and importance of data and we strive to implement iron-clad automated solutions through the continual development of our technological models by means of ‘Reinforcement Learning’. Our solutions are effortlessly integrated into your current IT environment and are ready to get started for you.
Find out how our AI solutions can be utilized by your company within your sector!

our values

We place a strong emphasis on customer centricity and satisfaction. We work strenuously to understand customer’s needs, situations, perspectives and expectations. We deliver the best results by being open and collaborative with our customers and clients. We promote interaction with our clients and customers. We are also highly committed to providing solutions to every challenge that may arise, and we follow through on our promises.

we are entrepreneurial

We are constantly innovating; continuously asking ourselves how things can be done better or perhaps differently.

we create value

The Netherlands is an export country, so we ensure a better competitive position with our solutions.

we encourage creativity

Ensuring that all operational processes run smoothly is paramount to our services, but we also believe in the allocation of time for creativity.

we are proud

Proud of what we make! It's new technology. Renewing, changing and innovative.


Digital brains to offload yours. By implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at companies and corporations, we assist in enhancing existing processes as well as productivity.


Our vision is to be the link between businesses and Artificial Intelligence. We understand how processes function since we have vast work expertise in a variety of fields as well as substantial knowledge in AI. This enables us to integrate the potential of AI into practice like no other. As a result, we are the sparring partner for improving processes with this innovative method. You’ll always be one step ahead of the competition! 

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the latest technologies

Our AI based automation solutions assist with inventory management, warehouse management, gate entry, data entry, predictions, payroll, audits and banking. In terms of our clients, we have a single goal in mind: to assist them in increasing their productivity.
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growing together

We believe it is imperative to be a partner who listens to the needs of the customers, as well as one who operates accordingly to ensure maximum output and results. The type of industry, as well as the organization structure and culture play a role in the operational processes. Hence our preference to discuss your needs and requirements. 

Thinking along with you, our clients, helps us solve problems faster. This way our core values, the creation of value and the real improvement of your processes are perfectly in line with each other. This enhances the sustainability of your business processes and also paves the way for a long-term partnership!

centralized system

You do not desire a new system. You also wish for your employees to have an easy-to-understand solution. We understand! That is why we make a concerted effort to provide data in such a way that it is immediately in your ERP system.

Do you still want access to your data outside of your ERP system? Not an issue. You can easily make use of our dashboard. You can quickly retrieve all of the output generated by our algorithms from this page. We use the SaaS model to make everything as flexible as possible. This ensures that our solutions are easily available via APIs that supply data in the manner that you choose.

other AI-based solutions by supplai
numerous possibilities

We develop and design our own algorithms and products. However, we make use of Google to host our amazing state-of-the-art good products. Our algorithms run swiftly and safely here. Additionally, by using a flexible model, Google enables us to swiftly scale up when necessary. 

It is critical to have the necessary resources, skill sets and tools in order to operate effectively. supplai offers a wide range of products, insights and services to assist you in planning, improving and enhancing your operational processes.

meet the team

We are a team of highly skilled specialists and dedicated professionals from a variety of background, with proven knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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